Relay SIR6WB-...

Technical info

Interface realy SIR6WB-... consists of: 

  • spring terminals universal socket, with electronic 6WB,
  • miniature operational relay - electromagnetic RM699BV or solid state RSR30. 




Output circuit (RM699BV) - contact data 

Number and type of contacts

1CO (1R)

Max. switching voltage 

 400 V AC / 250 V DC 

Rated load 

 AC1: 6 A / 250 V AC;  DC1: 6 A / 30 V DC;   0,15 A / 250 V DC    

Output circuit  (RSR30) - output data 

Rated voltage 

Triak (T): 240 V AC 

Transistor (C): 48 V DC

Transistor (O): 24 V DC 

Rated continuous output current

Triak (T): 1A AC1

Transistor (C): 1A DC1

Transistor (O): 2A DC1

Input circuit 

Rated voltage  

DC: 6, 12, 24 V

AC: 50/60 Hz AC/DC: 12, 24, 48, 60, 110...125, 220...240 V

General data  


Electrical life - resistive AC1

> 0,5 x 105  6 A, 250 V AC

Mechanical life (cycles)

> 107

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