Time relay RPC-2SD-UNI

Technical info


Number and type of contacts

2 x 1 CO

Time functions

Star-Delta start-up

Rated load


8 A / 250 V AC


8 A / 24 V DC; 0,3 A / 250 V DC

Input rated voltage 

AC: 50/60 Hz AC/DC

12...240 V         terminals (+)A1, (-)A2

Time ranges (start-up for the star) T1 

1 s ; 10 s; 30 s; 1 min.; 1,5 min.; 3 min.; 5 min.; 10 min.; 30 min.; 1 h 

Timing adjustment T1 

smooth - (0,1...1) x time range






Replacements 1:1 for relay MT-TSD-17S-12-9240


Tables of equivalents of MT-T  - Download 









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