Time relay RPC-1AS-A230

Technical info



Number and type of contacts


Rated load


16 A/ 250 V AC 


3 A/ 230 V AC - gas-discharge lamps


230V AC - bulbs 

Rated voltage

50/60 Hz AC/DC

230 V terminals A1, A2

Time ranges 

1 s; 10 s; 20 s; 30 s; 1 min; 1,5 min; 2 min; 3 min; 5 min; 10 min


ON, OFF, AUTO, R, Wi, Extra time

Timing adjustment

(1...10) x time range



  • ON - stable ON, 
  • OFF - stable OFF,
  • AUTO - ON for a set interval triggered by applying the supply voltage U or closing of the control contact S,
  • R - OFF on the control contact S,
  • Wi - on the set interval controlled by closing of the control contact S, with the function of switching off the output relay R prior to the lapse of the interval T.