Monitoring relays RPN-1VFR-A400

Technical info

Output circuit- contact data:

Number and type of contacts 


Contact material  


Max. switching voltage

300 V

Input circuit:

Supply voltage AC

= monitoring voltage 

Rated power consumption

1,2 W

Range of supply frequency

48...63 Hz

Measuring circuit : 

Measuring terminals  


Measured value

3(N)~, sinus, 48...63 Hz

Measuring range

0,7...1,15 Un


Rated surge voltage

4 000 V AC

Insulation rated voltage

400 V AC

Overvoltage category

III acc. to EN 60664-1

General data:

Mechanical life (cycles)

> 3 x 107

Electrical life - resistive AC1

> 0,5 x 105 ; 12A/250 V AC 

Ambient temperature - opertaing

-20...+60 oC