Time relays RPC - 36 different executions

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Time relays RPC - 36 different executions

- MULTIFUNCTION (performance of 23 various functions, 9 versions, 8 time ranges)

- SINGLE-FUNCTION (performance of 3 various functions, 12 versions, 8 time ranges)

- DOUBLE TIMER (performance of 7 various functions, 14 versions, 8 time ranges, independently controled times T1 and T2)

- STAR-DELTA ( 10 time ranges, independently controled times T1 and T2)

What distinguishes the new time relays RPC?

  • contacts AgSnO2 suitable for operation with inductive loads
  • rated load: 16 A / 250 V AC (RPC-1...) and 2 x 8 A / 250 V AC (RPC-2...)
  • high quality connections – clamps of the relays are equipped with a universal screw
    which allows operation with flat and cross screwdrivers
  • new design, uniform for module devices and electromagnetic relays
  • high reliability level – highest level of electronics
  • double catch for convenient mounting on 35 mm rail – cover suits well the rail, the mounted relay is fitted firmly and does not move on the rail
  • low power consumption, i.e. electric power saving
  • two supply voltages: universal 12...240 V AC/DC (RPC-...-UNI) or 230 V AC (RPC-...-A230)

Folder RPC time relays Download


Multifunction:         RPC-.MA-... 



Single-function:     RPC-.E/WU/BP-... 

Double timer:         RPC-1ER/EA/ES/EU/IP/SA/WT-...

Star-delta:               RPC-2SD-UNI