Socket Push-in GZP4

Technical info

Sockets with  Push-in terminals. 35 mm rail mount (acc. to EN 60715) or panel mounting (2 M3 screws). Two poles 12 A/ 300 V AC, four poles 8 A/ 300 V AC, max. cross section of the cables: ferrules without isolation 2 x 1,5 mm2/  ferrules with isolation 2 x 1 mm2, stripping length 8...10 mm. Dimensions: 97 x 31 x 45,9 (75,8)mm; weight: 76g. Sockets in flammability class V-0.


- Complete, functional and convenient to install solutions for every application

- Easy installation of relay to sockets - unique system leading the relay straight to the right place. ​ 

- Labor costs saving solution thanks to easy, quick and tool-less installation

- Safety and reliability thanks to usage of non-flammable materials materials (flammability class V-0).

- Holes for test probes - ergonomic postion and contruction, stable position of the probe in the socket, freedom to perform measurements and control.


Accessories: retainer/retractor clips GZP4-0400, GZT4-0040, spring wire clips G4 1052.

Additional equipment: signalling/ protecting modules type M...


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