Mиниатюрные реле RM45N

Техническая информация

Contact data 

Number and type of contacts

1 CO, 1 NO

Rated switching voltage

250 V AC

Rated load (capacity) 

AC1 -1NO: 5 A / 250 V AC, 10 A/ 125 V AC;  DC1 - 1NO: 5 A / 28 V DC  

Coil data 

Rated voltage 

5 ... 24 V DC

Rated power consumption 

DC: 0,20 W (sensitive version),  0,45 W (standard version)

General data 

Electrical life resistive AC1

105  1 NO: 5 A/ 250 V AC

Mechanical life (cycles)


Ambient temperature operating    


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