Time relay MT-W-...

Technical info

Quick times set with the accuracy of 0,1 s - CHECK

Download an application for learning programming of time relay MT-W -... 



Output circuit - contact data

Number and type of contacts

1CO, AgSnO2

Max. switching voltage                         AC

300 V

Rated load                                          AC1

10 A / 250 V AC

Input circuit

Rated voltage  AC: 50/60 Hz AC/DC

12…240 V

General data

Ambient temperature operating

-20...+50 oC

Time module data


Es, E, E(S), E(r), R, Wu, Wu(S), Wu(r), Ws, Wa, 

B, Wi, ER, EWs, EWa, EWu, WsWa, EWf,Wt,

Pi, Pi(S), Pp, Pp(S), Est, Esp, ON, OFF