Radiation Portal Monitors SMP

Technical info

Our radiation portal monitor system SMP, which detects gamma radiation, is designed to be used in the scrap metal or waste management industries.


The SMP portal monitor detects radioactive materials buried deeply in the scrap metal loaded on trucks. It detects even the smallest radioactive material that could cause significant losses to the business.


The SMP-Studio software allows the user to control even a group of SMP radiation portal monitors located in different places. Thanks to the use of the internet, even radiation portal monitors located in distant scrapyards could be connected into one network that is controlled from the company headquarters.


Sample locations for the gamma SMP radiation portal monitors:
  • Scrap yards
  • Landfills
  • Incineration plants
  • Steel mills 


Product datasheet:
SMP-4/100 and SMP-2/50 Radiation Portal Monitors [PDF]