Radiation Portal Monitors SMP

Technical info

Ourradiation portal monitor system SMP,which detects gamma-neutron radiation, is dedicated to working in anenvironment where a high flow of traffic is expected.


The SMP portal monitor detects radioactive materialslocated in cars, trucks, containers, trains and in personal baggage. It candetect even the smallest nuclear material that could be used to produce anuclear weapon.


Our radiation portal monitors are available in twodifferent constructions. One for outdoor use and the other one, in an aestheticcasing, for the indoor environment. Thus, a potential customer can choose themodel that would match its designated location.


The SMP-Studio software allows the user to control agroup of SMP radiation portal monitors located in different places. This is anideal solution for facilities where security is controlled from one location.



Sample locations for the gamma-neutron SMP radiation portal monitors:
  • Border crossings: road, railway, ports, airports
  • Logistic centers
  • Sport or event centers
  • Control locations in nuclear plants and accompanying facilities

radiation portal monitors types

Product datasheet:

SMP-11 [PDF]


SMP-22 [PDF]

SMP-44 [PDF]

SMP-M11 and SMP-M22 [PDF]