Cookies Policy


The website and other sites in the * domain use cookie files in order to store anonymous information about our users.

This serves the purpose of ensuring that our services provided to the users are of top quality as well as helping us to improve the functionality of the site.
The purpose of saving cookies and reading the information they contain.

The cookies used in our sites are saved in the memory of the devices which connect with our site so that we can read the information contained in such cookies at a later time.

We use this information, depending on what function it serves, in order to:
maintain the user session, thanks to which you can move around our site as a logged user and behaviour of the pages to your personal preferences
analyse the traffic on the site and develop the functions improving your user experience
Permission to store cookies and access information they contain.

Storing cookies and accessing information they contain requires your permission. You may give such permission by means of the settings of the software running on the device you use. An Internet browser is one kind of such software. Most often the software used for browsing the Internet (browser) permits storing cookies on the device by default, therefore we suggest that you check the settings of your browser.